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Dr. Pilkington currently teaches at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte within the Engineering Technology and Construction Management Department. Some courses have been cross-listed within other departments and programs. 

Two Year-Average Overall Instructor Rating: 

4.6 /5

Special Topics - Natural Hazards

CMET 6000, ESCI 5000, GEOG 5000


Fall 2020

This course is designed to cover the hazards and hazard risks associated with the environment we live and build in. An understanding of these events is necessary in preparing and building for a sustainable and resilient community. This course will cover different hazards from hurricanes to tornadoes to earthquakes to even human-induced hazards. The focus will be on those hazards that are likely to cause high impacts to our infrastructure and communities. Topics include mechanisms behind the formation of hazards, how hazards interact with infrastructure to result in damage, overall community resilience to hazards, effects of climate change, and an introduction to ArcGIS for spatial mapping of infrastructure assets and hazards.

Structural Analysis & Design I

ETCE 3163


Spring 2022

Spring 2021

Spring 2019

This course presents basic concepts and principles of structural analysis and design of structural steel, reinforced concrete, masonry products, and timber and engineered wood systems. Emphasis is placed on practical aspects of structural analysis and design to include beams, joists, rafters, columns, trusses, and elementary frames.

The objective of this course is to provide construction management students with a basic understanding of building loading conditions and design requirements.

Structural Analysis 

ETCE 3264


Fall 2021

Fall 2020

Advanced Shear Moment Diagrams.  Building Code and Load Distribution.  Deflections of structures, analysis of statically indeterminate structures using virtual work, the force, and the displacement methods of analysis.  Introduction to matrix methods of structural analysis.

This course presents basic concepts and principles of structural analysis of determinate and indeterminate beams, frames, and trusses.  Emphasis is placed on practical aspects of structural analysis applicable for structural design. The objective of this course is to provide civil engineering technology students with a basic understanding of how to analyze structures for shear, moment, and deflection in preparation for concrete and/or steel design courses.

Applied Mechanics I

ETGR 2101


Spring 2021

Fundamentals and applications of statics to include the analysis of force systems using analytical and graphical methods. Included topics are systems of forces, friction, equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies, distributed force systems, centroids and moments of inertia, and introduction to analysis of structures. In addition, stress, deformation, and strain are presented.

Construction Project Administration

CMET 3224


Spring 2020

Fall 2019

A study of the project management processes used in the design and construction of civil engineering projects. Topics include: the roles and responsibilities of project participants, project delivery methods, engineering and construction contracts, project control and documentation, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

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