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Our research work can be found in various reputable, peer-reviewed, journals.


Spatial and temporal variations in resilience to tropical cyclones along the United States coastline as determined by the multi-hazard hurricane impact level model


Real-time Application of the Multi-hazard Hurricane Impact Level Model for the Atlantic Basin


Interpreting the socio-technical interactions within a wind damage–artificial neural network model for community resilience

Update article: Applicability of artificial neural networks to integrate socio0technical drivers of building recovery following extreme wind events

Pilkington, S. F., & Mahmoud, H., 

Validation of Time-Dependent Repair Recovery of the Building Stock following the 2011 Joplin Tornado

Aghababaei, M., Koliou, M., Pilkington, S. F., Mahmoud, H., van de Lindt, J. W., Curtis, A., Smith, S., Ajayakumar, J., Watson, M.

Concluding the 2017 Hurricane Season: An Evaluation of Impact Level Forecasts with Varied Meteorological Hazards

Pilkington, S. F., & Mahmoud, H. N.

Preliminary Documented Recovery Patterns and Observations from Video Cataloged Data of the 2011 Joplin, Missouri, Tornado

Pilkington, S. F., Curtis, A., Mahmoud, H., van de Lindt, J.W., Smith, S., Ajayakumar, J.

Hindcasting Loss and Evaluating Implications of Track Location for the 2011 Joplin, Missouri Tornado

Pilkington, S. F., Mahmoud, H., van de Lindt, J. W., Koliou, M., and Smith, S.

Minimal building fragility portfolio for damage assessment of communities subjected to Tornadoes

Memari, M., Attary, N., Masoomi, H., Mahmoud, H., van de Lindt, J. W., Pilkington, S. F., & Ameri, M. R.

Using Artificial Neural Networks to Forecast Economic Impact of Multi-Hazard Hurricane-Based Events

Pilkington, S. F., & Mahmoud, H. N.

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