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PhDisaster research group is led by Dr. Stephanie Pilkington at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. We focus on natural hazards, their impact to communities, and the subsequent recovery process. This can range from infrastructure damage assessments and modeling to understanding how communities, infrastructure, and environment interact before, during, and after an extreme event. Our research is trans-disciplinary in nature and incorporates aspects from civil engineering, computer science, atmospheric and earth science, social science, economics, ​and policy and management. As a result, we often find ourselves overlapping and collaborating in other systems-related research topics. For information on our recent and past work, we recommend reviewing some of our publications. We welcome new and current project interests and/or inquires and can be reached through contacting Dr. Pilkington.

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Community Resilience

Community Resilience is the ability of a community to absorb an impact and recover to a pre-disruption state in a timely fashion. Our research in this area focuses on meteorological hazards and an overall systems approach to thinking about a community. Emphasis given to how our built environment and societies interact before, during, and after a hazard event.

News & Media


Dr. Marshall Shepherd and Dr. Pilkington discuss The True Measure of Hurricanes and communicating risk.

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Introducing and discussing the Hurricane Impact Level Model and Ranking System shortly after its development.


Dr. Pilkington and Dr. Hussam Mahmoud discuss how storms ranking low on the Saffir-Simpson Scale can still result in significant damage.

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